Mom and Pop Rock by Reka Ehrentreu





Action Adventure The point difference between our #1 and #6 screenplay was 3.5 on a 100 point scale).

Black and Blue by Clint Miller

Devil's Valley Justice by Harold Brown

Dollar Down by J Michael Aiken

Seventh Angel by Dr. Richard Perry

The Devil's Gun by Twitchy Dolphin Flix

Wrath by Martin White II



Are you lonesome tonight? by Robert Factor

Irish Gold by Michael 

Major Jackson by William Miller

King of Fisher Island by Chase Overton

Bongo by James Donnell


50 Years Later by Robert Jones

Life After Divorce by John Dudley

Mom and Pop Rock by Reka Ehrentreu

Stand Tall! by Vincent Paterno

You're Killing Me by Jan Russell


Johnny Was A Gangster by Jesus F. Jauregui & Scott A. Lopez

Rat-A-Tat-Tat by Charese Mongiello

St. Patrick's Tear by Neil Chase

Abject by Ken Jones & Suzanne Fitzpatrick

The Ice Heist by Darrel Fensick


Case #17286 by Dennis Mayfield

Surprise Divorce by William Ebert

The Good Fight by Richard Geiwitz

The Importance of Life by Cedric Shelton

Tick-Tock by Brian Taylor

Faith Based

A Relative Unknown by Lynne Logan

Gates to Glory by Shelly Patrick

New Eyes by Donna England

Tears of the Caterpillars by Donald MacLaren & Beatriz Rudecindo

Thy Kingdome Come by Scott Ufford


Goodbye, Kid. Hurry Back by Terri Kauffman

Learning to Live Again by Paul Adamian

Miller's Junction by Claudia Jenkins

New Eyes by Donna England

Primos by Scott A. Lopez & Jesus F. Jauregui


An Evolution of Dragons by John T. Frederick

The Wild Wild Witch by Greg Hill & Walt Griggs

The Wonderful by Demitria Papadinis​
The Wonderful by 
Demitria Papadinis

Wolves of Waverly Island by Derek Simon

Tiger Island by 
Seaon McCallister

Historical/Period Piece

Second Best Bed by Terri Kauffman

Suicide Cliffs by Taylor Jacobs

The Ant by Mick Tellis

The Experiment by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffery Allen Russel

The Salt Box by Robert J. Rogers


Creepers by Logan Archer

Dakota Caves - 2 Miles by Robert J. Rogers

Hell is for Children - Dead-Souls by Tom Rico

Terror Night by Tim Aguirre

The Last Battle by Karen Glass


Battle Group by David Lutz

Forces of Decadence by Phil Hollins

The Battle for Hue by Braxton Salvador

We had until Dawn by Mike 

The Escape by Cory Rayford


Band #28 by Victor Michaels

Ginny Has a Grunge Band by Michael Vincent Montgomery

Rock It by Katrina Landis


Cleopatra's Tomb Kay McDonald

Curse of Oak Island by Martin Maxwell

Hypothermia by Jax Logan

A Day at the Beach by Sherry Morris

The Jungle VIP by David Upshaw


Man of Honor by Kurt Cather

Running Blind by John T. Frederick

The Salt Box by Robert J. Rogers

If you could see me now by Terri Young

King of Fisher Island by Chase Overton

Science Fiction

The Escape by Cory Rayford

Startling Evidence by John Kestner

3333 A.D. by Joseph Arquilla

Voyage of the Ourang Medan by Terry Long

Wolves of Waverly Island by Derek Simon


An Unbalanced Line by Kristy Leigh Lussier

Big Shoes by Demarius Sanders

Steel Town by Mitch Flee


Badlands by April Landers

Old Griz by Steve Hubbard

The Crossing by Mollie Proulx


Existing Comedy

2 Broke Girls "And Pony Rides" by Esther Farin

Mom: It's Blue by Alex Turner

Veep: To Tweet or not to Tweet by Cheryl Bell

Existing Drama

Fargo: Snowy Nights by Suzanne Phillips

Stranger Things: Leave it Alone by Nate Roberts

The Flash: Godspeed Barry Allen Part One by Nader Hobballah

Comedy Pilot - Another very, very competitive category.  Less than 3 points separated our TV Comedies!

Lenny by Carolyn Trevor

Mama Charlotte by Reka Ehrentreu

My Life With Cats by Bear Kosik

Drama Pilot

Everhart by Kaitlyn Wayman-Dodd

The Disappearance by Jess Harris-DiStefano

The Rats of Gramercy Park by Christine Stevens DeLorenzo




After The Murder by Alessio Billia

Altera Station by Rodolfo Rodriguez

An Interview with Father Adolfo Nicolas by Shawn Rohrbach

Come Back For Me by Kevin Silva

D.W. AOR… Action on Request by Robert Factor

Healing Matters by Nir Shelter

I am Chuck Russell by Jason Morillo

In the Details by Brad Riddell

Jane by Terri Kauffman

Mr. Novak by Ian Davies

YES AND by Adrienne Dawes

"The Wonderful

After acquiring the power to atone for the sins of others, a misfit young woman strives to bear the torments of a world which has no faith in her.


Well...  2 of our other 4!

  • Happy (From "Despicable Me 2")3:52

Terri Kauffman is a digital marketing specialist and holds a degree from the screenwriting program at the University of Southern California. She has one produced credit titled All American Christmas Carol and is the author of a novel titled Blame it on Barbara.

Goodbye, Kid - Hurry Back by Terri Kauffman


What a great group of writers you are!  

Our judges had a very, very difficult time in making their selections - Yes - The scripts were that outstanding!

Our winners are in BLUE our runner-ups are in ORANGE.

If you are not one of our winners or runner up's - Know this...

In ALL of our categories - Only a few points separated our entries!

In some instances, the top and bottom scores were fractions of points apart and in several categories,         we actually had ties.   

Congratulations to all our writers!

If you did not receive your 2017 Award Laural

Please let us know immediately!

Congratulations to our 2017 Finalists!

Demitra is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Marymount Manhattan College and Antioch University Midwest and has over  three decades' experience as a theatrical director, dramaturg, producer, and performer and she is also a script editor 

Reka Ehrentreu holds a BA in Radio/Television Production from Southern Illinois University-Carbondale and an MFA in Screenwriting from DePaul University.

She was the screenwriter for The Advanced Technological Regression of Nestor Talbot, which won “Audience Favorite – Short Film” at the Eichelberger FilmDayton Film Festival in 2015.